Move Over Keurig, Spinn Has A New Coffee Solution for The Office

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Move Over Keurig, the Spinn Coffee Maker is Ready for the Office

A perfect cup of coffee can lift moods, improve concentration at work and evoke interesting conversations. But coffee doesn’t always taste perfect, especially when it’s out of a vending machine at work. A company is now attempting to change that.

The Spinn coffee machines are revolutionizing the way a cup of coffee is made. Designed as self-contained machines, these coffee makers offer a convenient single-serving cup of coffee, without using expensive pods.

Features of the Spinn Coffee Maker

Spinn comes with a centrifugal brewing system that allows one machine to prepare everything from latte to espresso without making any mess. What makes the machine truly unique are its connected features and worldwide network of coffee roasters.

The proprietary app allows you to control every aspect of the brewing process or simply let Spinn manage the details with pre-programmed recipes and brewing methods, recommended by expert roasters.

Why You Should Consider Spinn for Your Office

Coffee breaks are part of every workplace. And no breakroom is complete without a coffee machine. A sophisticated Spinn machine can enhance the coffee experience for your employees and guests.

The Spinn coffee maker is also a sustainable choice for your business. It’s designed to reduce waste to the minimum. The grounds are drained of water and shot out into a waste container.

“You can use the grounds for fertilizer, body scrub, whatever. We talked to some people in the beauty industry and using coffee on your skin is supposed to be really cool these days,” Spinn co-founder Roderick de Rode told TechCrunch.

As far as cost is concerned, the most basic model is priced at $499. You can pre-order now and get a 40 percent discount.

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Move Over Keurig, Spinn Has A New Coffee Solution for The Office
Source: small business trends dm

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